Cause And Effect Of The Persian Empire Essay

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Vincent Brown History 101 Mrs. Oxford 3rd October 2015 The cause and effect of the Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire 550 BCE-330 BCE) Throughout history there have been a multitude of empires; some may have been small and lost to history, others were massive enough to influence not just the people in the empire or those around it, but to pass the test of time and affect humans that where born centuries after an empires collapse for good or for worse. A magnificent example can be seen throughout the Italian peninsula, the men of the renaissance area strive to reach and surpass the architecture skill of the ruins of that great empire. Furthermore the Romans were inspired by the Alexander the great’s empire, and the Greeks culture. This trend can easily support the idea that every great empire has a cause and effect that can affect the lives of people in different centuries. The Persian Empire is the best example for this cause and effect trend. Be…show more content…
That is the key factor that helped the first Persian Empire to expand to the size that it reached before its collapse. His thirty year rule brought along radical change for that time period; from the earliest signs of a postal, and road system, also he used an official language. He also was favored among the Jewish civilization because of his emancipation of the Jewish slaves in Babylon. He was so well appreciated among the Jews that there are references to him in the Jewish bible. “So said the Lord to his anointed one, to Cyrus” (Isaiah45:1-7). He was well appreciated not only among the Jews, but across his whole empire. Under his rule the empire was focused on centralized government and provides work and profit to its subject. His influence spread across the ancient world it even reached Athens, but not only did it affect the ancient world his influence the national identity of modern

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