Disadvantages Of Walmart In India

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Acknowledgement I would like to express my special thanks to the Amity University who gave me the opportunity to conduct a research on my topic (Joint Venture of Bharti and Walmart in India). I would also like to thank my parents and friends who helped me in providing me with great ideas and completing the task on time. Abstract The topic was been chosen so that the readers could have a better insight on the things happening within Indian boundaries and how the malpractice was conducted in the country. The research talks about the domestic company(Bharti) getting into joint venture with foreign company(Walmart) and later the reason for the split to take place. Content Introduction In December 2006, Wal-Mart Inc. trusted that by the…show more content…
Intensity of competition is going to be high since the domestic sellers will give their best to push their offering in market, through intense marketing. Products offered to the customers are usually low due to purchases in bulk quantity. Since Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in world they have very high chances of creating job opportunities in India and this contributes more to employment growth in the retail sector. Disadvantages of Walmart in India - Many of the small scale department stores in India are the major contributors to the Indian economy, the entry of Walmart into Indian market had forced other small retailers to contribute less to the Indian economy In order to capture the Indian market Walmart has opted to reduce its selling price which in turn has affected the other local wholesalers and retailers. Local traders will have to adopt this strategy to survive in market with low profit…show more content…
Walmart this month said it's bullish on the India money and convey business and courses of action to incorporate 50 Best Price stores in the accompanying five years(i.e 2014-2019). Financial aspects Times has reported that Walmart, which has confined another association called Walmart India, has imbued an additional Rs1,328 crore into its operations in the country after its partition with Bharti. A noteworthy bit of this will go into working up the money and convey stores and framework. Wal-Mart India moreover plans to expand its e-trade organize and has sent specialists to comfort shops to propose ways to deal with update shops that may now have all the earmarks of being filthy and unpredictably created. "We're utilizing skill from the world's biggest retailer to help kirana store proprietors maintain their organizations in a sheltered and effective way," said Rajneesh Kumar, Wal-Mart India's VP for corporate undertakings. Discussion and

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