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Free prank calling apps If you are feeling so bored and you want to annoy a friend, a stranger, or someone, then, making a prank call is an activity that is tailor made for you. You must be aware that making prank calls can get you into trouble with the law. If you are willing to take a risk, then you can take a prank call that can annoy the person at the other end of the line. Since the dawn of mankind, pranks probably existed. It is no wonder why there are some applications that will make you prepare and execute various pranks made their way in app stores. Prank calls are the bread and butter for April fool’s day and the ultimate jokesters have now mobile phones where they can download an application that can be used for making prank calls. Follow these steps…show more content…
It is very important to make your prank calls funny, believable, and most of all, unique. Meanwhile, if you want to let go of the apps and do natural prank calling instead, here are some best prank call ideas: • You called me. This is the most well-known ideas for prank calls. The victim will increasingly irate over trying to prove that they are not the one to call you first. • Congrats! You won! Call some people you know who like to fill out forms for a chance to win a prize. Call those persons and inform them that they won. Let them pick up the prize in an unusual location. • You are about to win something big. Act as a radio jockey and call your victim. Tell him that his number is chosen randomly and can win a prize if they can answer the question correctly. Ask them some silly questions and don’t forget to record the call. • Wrong number prank. Take turn with your friends and call your victim while pretending that you are looking for someone. When the victim gets annoyed, call him and tell him that you are John and ask him if anyone has been calling for

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