Personal Narrative: A Life Of A Fish

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I will be writing about a time God’s great creation left me in awe. However,before I start writing about my story I first must introduce a little background information so everything may be understood correctly. The story takes place over summer vacation before this school year and in somewhere in Florida. It all begins on a very sunny day at the pier. There was no wind or clouds. The only natural noise was really was seagulls flying around and really annoying me. I was sitting down just watching the ocean. I noticed all these little dark spots in the ocean, so like any person I went to check them out. It turned out to be a gargantuan school of some weird looking fish. When I thought of the fish I realized it would be extremely fun to go fishing. Next thing you know I am running back to our little rented out house to get fishing equipment and money to buy bait.…show more content…
After buying bait and setting my pole up, which is a lot harder than it looks, I start to bait my hook. That took only one try thankfully. I than proceeded to cast my line and wait for an eternity. I remember even like looking up random articles on Wikipedia, a few of I saved and they include MFFA, the Loa River, Dmitriyev, United States senate election in Virginia 1990, and a lot of like districts in Poland for some reason. That goes on for a good twenty minutes and than I get a bite. I basically jump out of my seat and snatch the pole. While I reeling I notice how heavy the fish must be because it was a burden to reel it

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