Short Story Norma By Sonia Sanchez

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In the short story “Norma” by Sonia Sanchez, a character by the name of Sonia looks up to another character, Norma. Norma is smart, pretty, and kind towards Sonia. However, she changes one day. She becomes angry with school and leaves. She is later kicked out of the school for being pregnant. In a few years, Sonia meets up with Norma during her college years. Norma is tired and weary, with what seems to be a drug addiction. Sonia and Norma agree to meet again, but after, Sonia agrees “to never agree again,” meaning she will not see Norma again because she disappointed Sonia, even though Norma was her role model. Sonia was a very shy person. She did not talk to many people and was a very inconspicuous person. She had trouble in her classes with asking questions. In the story, she was asking the Math teacher a question when Norma decided to help Sonia out. Norma is smart and kind, and decides to be nice and help Sonia. She was the only “popular kid” who would talk to and help out Sonia. Sonia would always admire Norma for her looks and kindness. Not only was she smart, but she always loved to help people out. Sonia…show more content…
In the French class that Norma shared with Sonia, Norma started saying offensive and disrespectful things to the French teacher. The French teacher, appalled at this, ordered her to stop. Norma told her off and left the classroom abruptly. Sonia did not hear much of her anymore. When Sonia heard about her again, it was strange news. Norma had gotten pregnant and kicked out of the school. Some years later, Sonia meets Norma in her college time. Norma is tired with marks from Heroin all over her arms. Norma seems to be having some bad problems in her life, and Sonia, already surprised from the French class situation from years passed, is confused. Norma, someone so pure and untouchable to Sonia, has stooped to a very low point. Norma was Sonia’s role model, but now Norma has become the opposite of what Sonia wants in

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