Lgbt1 Task 1

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In first working with Ms. Betsy I would begin to access the information that was given to me. She and I need to identify the ethical issues in her situations and how we plan to address them. Following we need to develop a plan to reach her goals and determine a timeline for each to eventually end the services. Ms. Betsy has a couple of conflicting ethical issues. First being the most important, is consuming two disability payments imitating as two different persons. Her decisions in collecting two disability payments are acts of fraud and can make her current situation worse. The next ethical issue is the men that are abusing her household and sex trafficking her for shelter and money. This is not a safe environment, which is the reason she…show more content…
Betsy I would begin by addressing her strengths. She was able to identify that her environment was unsafe and made the decision to leave. She also has a secure shelter for the time being. Ms. Betsy also was able to save her money in hopes to become independent of the shelter service she is currently receiving. Finally I would express to Ms. Betsy that she was able to make those decisions despite her mental illness or without the support of her family members. Following, I would discuss the crucial ethical issue of collecting two disability payments. It is important to inform Ms. Betsy of the consequences of her decisions. I would recommend that she go and speak to the Department of Social Services and explain to them of her pressing circumstances. I would also suggest she would allow me to attend with her at the meeting, to explain her history of her mental illness and assess if she was competent in understanding the consequences of her actions. Next, I would ask open-ended questions with Ms. Betsy to gain information about her mental illness. Following, I would ask she sign a release allowing myself access to her file at the shelter to see her information and see any of her medical records. I need to see the last medical visit, who diagnosed her, and her diagnosis is. With assessing Ms. Betsy, I need to know if she was prescribed medication, if she is taking medication, or if she is self

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