Short Story: By The Waters Of Babylon

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Julius A. Libutsi Language Arts 2 Springboard Mr. T (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) In the story, “By the Waters of Babylon”, made out of the fear of the possible outcomes of another great war, takes place in the future, of where many customs are created. One village-in the spotlight of this story; has created their own gods, and also begun a custom for how to treat steel. The story commences with a main character with the name, “John” otherwise known as, a son of a known priest. A man whom is known is follow the rules of his customs breaks them in this story, to uncover, “The Place of Gods”. By the time, John reaches the location known to be forbidden he finds out about contraptions that he never seen before, and about the gods…show more content…
With this there are also a few clues that can not be detected with a skim through the passage. As vague as the passage is the peruser can still predict the place of where John is heading. One of the major clues to find out the location would be a sign that is found, by John during his Journey. John has found a sort of sign that says, “Ashing —that is found near debris near an mysterious tower. The sign that states, “Ashing” could help conclude that John is near the George Washington Bridge, because in the title and in the text it also states that he is near water. Showing that the title is significant when concluding the location of John, at the same time the place where he is near. As he finds clues spontaneously he has discovered little contraptions that he never seen before. He also discovers that the place which he stands regardless of standards, is abandoned, and also has a atmosphere of war. It directly states, “Very great they were, and wonderful and broken—broken in the time of the Great Burning when the fire fell out of the sky” This showing the atmosphere of the area, and also showing that it is abandoned. John goes on the discover to feed his thirst of knowledge, and later finds, apartments that he believes are, ruins. He finds, food in jars, sinks—that he thinks lacks magic energy, elevators—that he thinks he can open with an magic word, and animals—that made…show more content…
In this story, the point of view would be, an objective point of view, in my own opinion. The reason why this sounds like a rational answer for the point of view is because, throughout the story the character, tells us everything. In the story John tells the reader his feelings and also his feelings. For example, in the text it states, “I was taught the chants and the spells—l was taught how to stop the running of blood from a wound and many secrets.” This evidence showing how the character tries to tell the reader about why he is doing his actions, or what he sees with his own eyes. Another sign that proves that this story demonstrates the objective point of view is, “At night, I would lie awake and listen to the wind—it seemed to me that it was the voice of the gods as they flew through the air.” This textual evidence shows that the character tells the reader about what he, hears, sees, smells, and

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