Sears Holding Corporation Executive Summary

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In order for an organization to become successful, they need to ensure that they obtain a strategic and realistic plan. The plan created by the organization should include a mission and a vision. A mission is the very aspect that defines a company and gives them self-worth. Without having a mission, a company will operate without direction and therefore conduct business in a matter that has no purpose. Subsequently, a vision is just as important as the mission of an organization. A vision gives an organization long term goals to achieve; while inspiring the entire organization to work towards upholding the vision. Sears Holding Corporation(SHLD), a company that operates retail stores under the name K-mart and Sears have been struggling as of late. As of August 2014, SHLD has managed to record their ninth straight quarterly loss (Dinnocenzio & Chapman, 2014).…show more content…
Currently, SHLD takes into consideration profitability and customer relations, but fails to include key aspects such as employees, technology, public image and strengths. If all of these concepts are including into SHLD’s mission, they should be able to obtain their vision in the future. The revised mission statement should be as follows: “To increase profitability through continually evolving technologically, offering competitive pricing and increasing customer relations through loyalty programs and superb customer service; all while maintaining a comfortable working environment and remain socially responsible” This statement covers the essential components of a mission statement and will set SHLD up for success. Not only will they have a reason to operate, but they will set their standards high; while creating guidelines that fall in line with their

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