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A.) What is a stateless nation? There are several nations in the world that have no states. A stateless nation is a group of people with a common culture, such as language. religion, food, clothing, ethnicity or traditions, occupying multiple territories of land that do not function as independent political units. Stateless nations lack a permanently populated territory that has no sovereign control over its internal and foreign affairs. The group may have their own government and even military, however, they do not have full control over their territory and are not recognized as a state. Some examples of stateless nations include Palestine, the Basque country, and Kurdistan. B.) Geographically and culturally, what makes each group a nation? There are several factors that make Palestine, the Basque country and Kurdistan a nation such as their location and their unique cultures.…show more content…
Nevertheless, with the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, many Palestinians were forced to flee to neighboring countries including, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. The Palestinians also have their own distinct culture with a majority of them practicing Islam and speaking the same language, Arabic. When it comes to the Basques, this nation is an independent group living in the Pyrenees Mountains, located in southwestern Europe. The majority of Basques reside in Spain but some also live in Andorra and southwestern France. In terms of language, the Basques speak a non-Indo-European language, although languages such as French and Spanish are part of the Indo-European group are spoken in surrounding areas. The Basques speak their own language known as Euskara. Having their own distinct language, different from the language of the surrounding areas, the Basques portray their unique culture. C.)What role do boundaries play in maintaining each group as a stateless

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