Zero Tolerance Pros And Cons

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The Zero-Tolerance is a policy that is put in place to try to prevent the use of drugs and weapons in schools and punishes students for any kind of infraction of the rule. This policy was created to try and help reduce the amount of violence in schools. The Zero-Tolerance Policy was first introduced when Congress passed the Free Schools Act. Any student caught with a gun or any other weapon in school with be expelled from the school and possibly expelled from attending other schools within the same district. After the creation of this policy the demand for other stricter policies were also put in place. As this policy became for popular and well known for its positive effects many more schools and even states began to adopt this policy and similar policies that help combat the use of weapons and drugs as well as violence and other problematic behaviors that could danger the well-being of…show more content…
Some people who have criticized the Zero-Tolerance Policy believe that it is extremely harsh and it does not benefit anyone who is involved. They believe that these cases should be handled on a case-by-case study. Critics feel that this policy turns a blind eye to bullying, because they feel that schools worry more about the self image and having a safe school environment. If a student is to be caught with a weapon in school they are filed for immediate expulsion, which is unfair because it does not gave a the student the opportunity to defend their reason for why they have it. Some critics argue that this policy with result in a safer school environment and more positive behavior from the students. At some point a line needs to be drawn between what is acceptable and what is not. Certain actions and things students wear or bring should be dealt with but not everyone should be Zero-Tolerance

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