Maze Runner Rough Draft

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Maze Runner Rough Draft The maze runner is mainly about a man who begun his life and it was surrounded by darkness , and telling about where he was and what was happening , for example in chapter one it’s mainly talking about how his life was surrounded by darkness , and him being inflected by pain , for example in the book it said , he fell down at sudden movement , and shuffled backwards on his hands and feet , drops of sweat beading from his forehead despite the cool air , back striking the hard metal wall , then sled into he hit the corner of the room , then sank into the floor. Basically chapter one was about him beginning a new life , but still having to go through hard times , and the author named this book the Maze runner , mainly because the book is about the man starting a new life , and along his life journey he was facing many challenges , and difficult things along the way ,but as he went on with his new life he started to realize that he could feel his body changing , and him feeling like he was gaining more knowledge , for example in the book the author says “ He couldn’t understand how this could be possible , His mind functioning on it’s own flawing every thought with more and more knowledge , trying

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