NAACP: A Community Analysis

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The NAACP does use their resources well for effective change. An example of this is the John McNeil campaign where the NAACP advocated for his release, held fundraisers, met with key officials and generated public awareness (NAACP, 2015c). As, a result John McNeil was released six years later. In addition, in Kankakee County Branch 3035 of the NAACP has enacted workshops on racial profiling for police officers. “Task 7, is the policy-implementing task once a policy has been enacted” (Jansson, B. S., 2014, pg. 77). Currently the Kankakee County Branch 3035 of the NAACP recently implemented the body cams on police officers uniforms. This will protect the community and the police officer from accusations and being abused. “Task 8, is the policy-assessing…show more content…
“The blog is currently discussions include: Black Clergy in the Fight for Climate Justice, North Carolina March for Voting Rights Rally, A Conversation about Race Relations in America” (NAACP, 2015d). Skills and Competencies When looking at the NAACP tasks being completed they use their skills and competencies well. The four skills include: analytic skills, political skills, interactional skills, and value-clarifying skills. Analytic skills to evaluate social problems and develop policy proposal, to analyze the severity of specific problems, to identify barriers to policy implementation, and to develop strategies for assessing programs” (Jansson, B.S., 2014, pg. 78).The NAACP completes all analytic competencies. The Kankakee County Branch 3035 of the NAACP they currently passed body cams on all police officers, and the NAACP nationally uses a blog that discusses recent events and data gathered, such as Voting Rights Act. “Political skills to gain and use power and to develop and implement political strategy” (Jansson, B. S., 2014, pg. 78). The NAACP uses political skills and all political competencies especially when looking at the John McNeil case. “Interactional skills to participate in task groups, such as committees and

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