Ernest Hemingway Soldiers Home Essay

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While both politics and society started to change during early modern America, along did American literature. Modern literature is very different when compared to past American styles of literature, having many different characteristics. of all the modern American writes, Ernest Hemingway is by far one of the most popular. Hemingway configurated many of the different themes during this time period into his pieces of literature. In the story a "Soldier’s Home," Hemingway presents many of the Modern aspects of the time period including the changeover from traditional values and ideas in society such as clothing, disillusionment of the main character, a war hero who has been rejected by his hometown , and the effects World War l had on literature,…show more content…
All of those ideas are present in the short story “Soldiers Home”, Hemingway does not use extended, detailed sentences, the new literature style during this time. Hemingway the author of “Soldiers Home” along with many other writers from the time write quick sentences, simple thoughts. That is why it is easy to always know what Krebs, the main character in the story, what how he is feeling, his actions at the time, and all of his thoughts because Hemingway writes only the needed details. During the whole story there are clear "[Krebs’] mother did not say this in a mean way. She seemed worried" (5). In past literature that sentence and feeling would have been stretched out and transformed into an extended and continuous, flowing structure. In the new modern literature there is never any hidden meaning behind any thought or words. Many writers use this style still today to not only create easy understanding, but to create suspense to their stories and novels as well. It is always apparent as to what the author is trying to foreshadow. Although this modern literature often times limits the amount of information given,the audience is always anticipating

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