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The Beautiful Gray Whale Cove Gazing over the set of beautiful towering cliffs, a beach comes in view and there is an overwhelming sensation of peace and serenity. Gray Whale Cove, holds a prominent horizon line with huge rocks bursting from the water is the most beautiful and tranquil beach I have been to. Although the beach used to be unheard of before being registered as a California State Park, there is no place I would rather be than this amazing place. No matter what life throws at me, going there can replace hard times with amazing memories. The drive is the first step to getting to Gray Whale Cove. For the longest time, the drive there would take almost an hour. My friends and I thought it was on the very edge of Half Moon Bay, making it so one had to drive through the entire city to get to there, wasting almost a half tank of gas. The beach was worth the drive but only for special occasions or when we felt it was a “Gray Whale Day”. Later we thankfully found out that the beach was, in fact, in Pacifica which is about a 20 to 30 minute drive. Along this drive there is a series of twists and turns making the passengers…show more content…
At first glance, one would get the impression that a wonderful adventure is waiting from the looks of the rocky parking lot in front of them. The parking lot is off Highway 1 in a shallow dirt area with limited space, making it hard to park on those perfect California beach days. Once unpacked and ready to head down to the beach, one’s next step is to cross the busy highway. After making it to safety another seemingly daunting task awaits the five-tier, stepe and wooden staircase that takes you from the enormous cliffs down to the beach.The trip down the stairs is normal on the way down adrenaline is pumping and excitement is bursting through your veins so you bolt down those stairs as fast as possible knowing what is waiting at the

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