Return On The Berg By Denver: Summary

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Most of the story takes place at WICKED headquarters. WICKED is the government agency in charge of finding a cure for the flare. This agency occupies a compound where a series of experiments is conducted to find a cure for the disease. In the end, the headquarters is destroyed and WICKED is shut down. Small parts throughout the story happen on the berg. The Berg is a type of futuristic, high tech plane or helicopter. Jorge flies away to Denver with Thomas, Newt, Minho and Brenda on the Berg, after they escape from WICKED. Thomas also returns on the Berg to WICKED for the final experiment. A big part of the story take place in Denver. Denver is a city in Colorado in the real world. However, in the novel, it is where Thomas and the others go when they escape from WICKED. Denver happens to be one of the last few uninfected cities in the world that takes many precautions to keep the city clean of the flare. This city also turns out to be one of the locations where they have crank palaces to house humans infected by the Flare until they reached past the gone…show more content…
The face mask operation tables, launchers, and bergs tell us that this advanced tech is not from our time, and not unreachable. This states that the stories took place sometime in the near future, around 2035, give or take a few years. I believe that all the solar flares occurred around our current time, and the world degenerated and turned into a wasteland over those 20-25 years or so to end up where it is now. In the book, it states Thomas was a boy when the solar flares came. Thomas was around 16-18 years old when the series takes place, therefore, a close prediction to when The Death Cure takes place is

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