Biological Poositivism's Extent To Explain Serial Killing

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Thesis: This essay will argue why biological positivism is the strongest theory when attempting to explain serial killing. Topic Sentence: Biological positivism is a more compelling approach when studying the causation of serial killers as it takes an individualised approach as opposed to a holistic one. Evidence and Research: To make this point I will be comparing biological positivism with rational choice theory and strain theory. Reference White & Perrone (2012) for information on positivism and its benefits and strong points. Serial killing needs to be looked at individually as every serial killer is extremely different, when looking at rational choice one cannot assume that every serial killer is sane and capable of making logical decisions and strain theory does not fit either as serial killers don’t commit their crimes for equality/economic fairness. To demonstrate strain theory and rational choice’s strong basis in the criminogenic influence of community and social structure as a holistic approach to crime I will reference Barlow, H and Kauzlarich (2010). -General Strain Theory is potentially useful. Topic Sentence: Abnormal neurological functioning can lead to aggressive and violent behaviour, a common trait…show more content…
Evidence and Research: Vaske, Boisvert and Wright highlight in their article ‘Genetic and Environmental Contributions to the Relationship Between Violent Victimization and Criminal Behavior’ (2012) the importance of behavioral genetics and molecular genetics, as they have shown that certain genetic factors are related to risk taking. Additionally Beaver et al. found that genetic factors explained approximately 50% of the variance in levels of self-control in adolescence/young adulthood. May also look at Hur and Bouchard’s ‘The genetic correlation between impulsivity and sensation seeking traits’, this could be useful when looking at thrill seeking or lust

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