Analysis Of Leonid Fridman's America Needs Its Nerds

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Previously in elementary school, while others cared more about playing sports or hanging out with friends, I was labeled a nerd for wanting an academic education. To this day, I care about my grades and I'm proud of the person I've become. Although this article was written in the 90's, many people continue to take the stereotypical title "nerd" or "geek" to offense. I agree with Fridman's argument that these derogatory terms are overused, but I feel as though this isn't a severe issue compared to other events happening in America especially with the recent gun violence among schools. Leonid Fridman, writer of the opinion piece, "America Needs Its Nerds" (1990) published in the New York Times argues that nerds and geeks must learn to defend themselves and these derogatory terms must come to an end.…show more content…
Also, Fridman discusses how many students are afraid to admit that they study and uses Harvard as an example. He touches on the idea of nerds being social outcasts and describes the stereotypical traits of a nerd. Lastly, Fridman uses an economic comparison about the value of professional athletes and staff members from a prestigious university. The writer expresses his opinion to an audience that could range from the daily readers of the New York Times to researchers studying different social groups among children by using comparisons, rhetorical questions, and personal connections to enhance his overall argument and establish authenticity. The use of the derogatory terms "nerd" and "geek" along with society's anti-intellectual values must change, but in order to do so nerds must have confidence and not be ashamed of

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