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I am the youngest of two sisters (Krystal and Melissa) and I have a strong passion for sports. The younger of my two sisters, Krystal, is currently attending Umass Lowell as a sophomore majoring in exercise physiology. My oldest sister, Melissa, recently got engaged and has a job at an insurance company. My father and mother have been married for 26 years and manage to fulfil my sisters and I needs. My passion for sports came from my father who watches sports every night (it is the only thing that he will watch besides Seinfeld). Since I could walk, maybe even before, my father instilled sports into me and I am forever grateful. Personally, sports relieve stress, help my time management, and gives me something to look forward to. The…show more content…
If I were to choose one it would be hockey as I have a unique position as a goalie. Men and women that have played goalie in hockey all agree that it is the best and worst position in sports. At times you are the scapegoat, but other times you are the hero (hopefully the latter more often). I believe that goaltending helps develope a young mind to learn the game of hockey by being able to see the whole game, opposed to a forward who only sees his part. Also it helps teach independence because it is the most individualistic position in the game of hockey from different training methods and responsibility to equipment differences. My best accomplishes in hockey are winning the state championship twice with my select hockey team and went to nationals in Washington D.C. and in spring 2015 ranking in the top five in the state. In the winter I hope to make the Prep hockey team but in the meantime I am playing select hockey with the Seacoast Spartans out of Exeter, New Hampshire. On the other hand, baseball is less stressful because I do not pitch, therefore the team does not count on me for winning. In baseball I prefer to play 2nd base, but also play shortstop and centerfield. I played with two different AAU teams, the Firebirds and

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