Criminal Justice Personal Statement

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In today's modern civilisation, the perception of law and the justice system is largely shaped through the portrayal of these components by the growing evolution of mass media. However, I believe that in society now, as a result of increasing legal and ethical issues, the relationship between journalists and those within the justice system has been compromised along with their individual roles, yet I still find myself drawn to these subjects. From the public gallery in magistrate court, I found myself mesmerised watching cases unfold and how crimes affect a person's life. During court I was able to see how law regulates everything we do. From there I found myself fascinated with criminal law, which is now in my opinion, such a large part…show more content…
I learnt about the media's relationship with law, and legal and regulatory boundaries of what they can and cannot do. However, I want to broaden my knowledge of the law, and I am keen to learn how the legal system adapts to an ever-changing society. The chance to write stories for the Liverpool Echo was one I excelled at, and having my by-line printed next to my work was an accomplishment. Upon writing these stories, I had to ensure I was professional, and consider any legal or ethical issues. As a journalist, I am bound by strict deadlines; therefore, time management is a skill I have improved throughout the years. My interpersonal skills have progressed as a result of various projects, such as creating newspapers, doing radio shows and through PR and marketing enterprises. Within college assignments, I have learnt how to write in contrasting styles including journalistically, through news reporting and expository, through analytical essays. Aside from my academic studies, I volunteer weekly at my local brownie group assisting at events and days out. This bears a considerable amount of responsibility, and has aided in progressing my communication and creativity, whilst working with brownies and keeping them
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