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Introduction - Little Girls in Pretty Boxes Little Girls in Pretty Boxes by Joan Ryan’s is a story where the author has exposed women’s gymnastics and figure skating and it is a very brutal reading. The story begins talking about the teenage girl who breaks her neck while performing on the vault. The book is very well written, but it is way too excessively negative in the tone. In my opinion any exposure made is likely to be biased, but the author Ryan seems to very bias against the gymnastics and the skating. Joan Ryan has left no room for the readers to make an opinion of their own. Positive and Negative Aspects Joan Ryan wrote the story in a largely anecdotal. The author talks about the harm done to girls not only the ones who learn gymnastics or skating. But also those girls who are in the “elite” class of either of the sports. The author basically tries to argue that there is more harm than good done to the girls who participate in these kinds of sports. Joan Ryan has made his readers think that the gymnastic can be really horrifying. The…show more content…
But then more we try to think about it, one starts to wonder why do we exactly find these frightening stories fun? What is so fun watching the zombies eat someone alive and then chopping of their head? Sometimes while watching these movies, we think to ourselves is it normal to watch horrifying movies? When leaving the theater we think that it is ok to watch and is normal. Stephen king states that the horror movies also allows ones inner most emotions to run wild. Whereas normally they do not, but that is not true because at times when an individual is sitting idle all sorts of ideas run through their mind. Some of the reasons are pretty simple and obvious why we are drawn towards horror movies is because we can show that we are not afraid, and we can ride the roller coaster

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