Reflection On Poverty

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Initially, when I started to plan out the main concepts of my research, my group decided to focus on poverty in Iraq. Although, I found it difficult and well as my group members to find certain information about Iraq. Since Iraq is in a poor condition and most don’t have the access to technology to report what’s going on, we decided to branch off to another region that has more information we can utilize. My group finally came to a conclusion which was to focus on India where the poverty rates are considered one of the lowest and have enough statistic to back up our research. We already knew the stance we were going to discuss because of our prior knowledge about the high poverty rate in India. Each of us had already known a specific lens to focus on, I personally chose historical and political because I wanted to learn more about India's government intervention with issues like poverty. Going through the research on my lens helped me gain more…show more content…
At first, I was unsure of the different perspectives I could discuss in my research and how I could connect them all since I originally didn’t have much prior knowledge going into the research. The research helped me gain more knowledge to build stronger claims and has made it easier for me to connect the information to my claims. The help from my peers was also significant to helping me find what perspectives works best for my lense. One of my peers doing a social lense had a similar claim as mine which was the focus on India’s caste system. After that, I started to question if that claim connected to my lense since I thought the focus on India’s caste system worked better in the social lens. However, one of my other peers soon suggested that I could focus on how the caste system is used in India’s government. I found this to be a compelling claim to research on and I was able to connect this claim with my other two claims more

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