According To Paul Tillich: The Power Of God

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According to Paul Tillich God is not a being, instead, the "being itself ". He is beyond the essence and existence. Moreover He is a symbol for the ultimate meaning. Tillich believes that the idea that god is the first of all being is not correct. This is because god is above the level of any particular being and does not go alongside his beings .For Tillich god is the "ground of being " or "being itself" as god is not an individual entity. Furthermore, Tillich claimed that god is the power of being; he cannot be equal with the beings with their limited power. (Fincke 2011) There is threat of nonbeing but god's power prevent it from destroying the beings. God is transcendent, He transcendent all the beings .Tillich believed that god is the "infinite ground" with power that knows no limits. Moreover, Tillich said, “the word God points to the ultimate reality ". He stated “the one who knows about depth know s about god". Tillich argued that god cannot be the ground of finite life without victory in divine life. (Ison, 2004)…show more content…
As a result the beings are united to the being itself by receiving Jesus Christ. Jesus is transformed from absolute to concrete. Jesus sacrificed himself to himself as a Christ on the cross for a purpose. He is a symbol of the new being without a sin. Being without a sin is a distortion of essential being. Jesus Christ, the new being brought healing to the ones who suffer from sins. He sacrificed his life for the human being salvation. (Bouma,

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