Vivian Paley's The Girl With The Brown Crayon

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The Girl with the Brown Crayon, by Vivian Paley, follows her unique and extraordinary kindergarten class during her last year of teaching with her assistant. Throughout the year, the children, along with Paley, development in various social aspects most times without their conscious realization. Paley and her assistant are first placed in the role of leaders that guide the young, curious children on their adventure of learning through social development. As the novella begins, Paley and her associate utilize play and story telling with the children to support and encourage their growth. They understand that each child has a distinctive way of learning and obtains special needs not every other child encompasses. Paley incorporates and structures her classroom…show more content…
With her strong voice and leadership skills in the classroom, Paley decides to let his literature shape her curriculum throughout their school year. His first book, Frederick, poses the idea of conformity under peer pressure in their community. The children adore unintentionally dissecting each word and picture presented in his books. The most popular theme portrayed in the books and through the children’s discussion is friendship. It’s often linked to one’s personal accomplishments or society and the individual. During their time dedicated to these novels, she practices Piaget and Vygotky’s constructive theories while the children interaction to each other and their environment. Piaget’s constructive theory states that children have to be thrown into the situation and figure it out on their own. By doing this, it gives the child more autonomy and responsibility. On the other hand, Vygotsky believes there has to be another person present who guides and shows them what do to next. Their job is to simulate the child’s knowledge. By actively practicing these concepts, she encourages her students to learn and grow socially by interacting with each

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