Scrolls Down: A Short Story

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Filled to the brim with distress, I dragged my feet across my bedroom over to the living room where I collapsed onto the couch that was nestled in the corner. My body sprawled across its plump beige cushions. Not a single word was uttered, nor a sound was made. The time spent lying on the couch where I spent my time reflecting and absorbing the scenes that unfolded in front of me each day. Their arguing began to escalate, with the volume of their voices rising so high that my brothers and I could hear them even when our headphones blasted music in our ears. No matter how hard I tried I could not tune out the sounds of their voices. It became difficult to walk from one room to another without hearing some hateful comment coming from my mom or…show more content…
My mom was out with her friends and my dad out with his, while in their absence I remained in charge of my brothers. I sat on the soft rug that lay in the center of the living room, laptop in my lap; mindlessly scrolling through the feed on Facebook. Scrolling down “Oh look, she’s spouting off about how she’s having a bad day,” Scrolls down “Stephanie is now friends with Phillip,” scroll, scroll, then a chat bubble pops up. It’s Brian, “Hey! What’s up?” he says, immediate red flag “Oh god, no way I am talking to you!” (Logs off Facebook.) A deep sigh escapes me, as I gently close the laptop and place it at my side. Again my mind wonders, drifting to a state of where I feel detached from my surroundings. However, I am rudely interrupted by an incredibly loud melody coming from my brother’s room. Imagine Dragon’s song Demons loudly played, its lyrics echoing throughout the house. The singer sang “Don’t get to close, its dark inside, it’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide.” The song played over and over again. Reflecting the sorrow Bryant felt, but refused to…show more content…
The situation was difficult to swallow all at once. In the past, everything was normal, mom and dad got along well and the house was serene. Now, my parents stared at each with loathsome expressions and mouths full of hateful words. To me, each passing day inflicted another wound, opening the gash farther before it even had the opportunity to heal. Although it pained me to see my parent’s relationship falling apart, it hurt me more to see my brothers lose their footing. One, turned to smoking the green leaves of M.J, attempting to suppress the internal pain he felt. While the other became a hollow shell, slowly becoming expressionless and empty of any feelings. My parents without knowing it, caused them to collapse into an endless

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