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Scout Finch is the main character and narrator of the novel. The story unfolds with Scout’s observant eye, mischievous ways and throughout the entirety of the novel shows how naive she is. Even as a little girl she’s very educated and well known around town. Scout is a very peculiar character and going on from this you will or should realize that in a heartbeat. When you hear the word observant, what do you think of? A detective? A doctor during an exam or surgery? I think of those occupations but I also think of Scout Finch. Scout's keen sense of observation for one so young is outstanding. Her being observant is best seen during the trial of Tom Robinson. Although much of the testimony is over her head, and at times she does not understand in what direction her father's questions are headed, she shows that it is not her first time in a courtroom. This evidence reveals that she is very mature and educated for the nine year old she is.…show more content…
Hearing that definition could make you think of a meager kid that is spoiled and bratty but that is only one half, Scout is the half you might rarely consider. I figured she was outspoken when she spoke her mind plenty of times to Aunt Alexandra, Also, when she would shout and attack people if they dissed Atticus because of the trial (Cecil Jacobs) Scout was just generally outspoken during her first few days of school when the rest of the of class would expect her to explain things to Ms. Caroline when she did not understand the Maycomb community. This information lead me to realize that scout’s way of being outspoken isn’t meant to be rude. She is just wanting to prove her point or protect someone she loves, which are not many

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