Scott Jones's Short Story

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On Tuesday September 22nd, 2015 Scott Jones spoke to over 1000+ Dalhousie University students. He told his story of how a brutal homophobic attack in New Glasgow left him paralyzed from the waist down. What makes his story so incredible is not only that he survived his attack, but also how positive his outlook on life is given his circumstances. The first part of Jones’ talk was about his story and his campaign “Don’t be Afraid.” Jones was attacked in New Glasgow while walking home from a bar with one of his friends late at night. A man came up behind the pair before stabbing Jones twice. In his speech, Jones said he thought it was weird that a man was walking so close behind them but didn’t think to pay more attention to the man. Then the next thing he knew he was on the ground and could not move his legs no matter how hard he tried. When Jones got to the hospital he was immediately flown to Halifax due to the severity of his injuries. It was in Halifax that he learned he would probably never walk again. Luckily for Scott he had an amazing friends and family structure to help him through his difficult times. Jones also commented on how amazing his medical team was in helping him overcome his injuries. Like with…show more content…
However, recreation is for every one of all ages and capabilities. Recreation is a great resource to use when helping people overcome serious traumatic injuries such as being paralyzed. When using recreation to help rehabilitate patients it can be thought of like teaching a child new things. When a child is learning motor skills a simple way to help them increase their skills is by catching a ball. The child is focusing on catching the ball without realizing the skills they are learning. The same can be said for patients. Therapists can use recreation as a fun way to help patient’s re-learn motor skills they may have lost without challenging them too

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