Fall Of Rome Vs Usa Essay

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The fall of Rome is said to look very similar to the decline in the U.S. Some similarities between the United States and Ancient Rome include, both Ancient Rome and the United States have three branches of government. Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches. They both have a system of checks and balances to make ensure that no one branch has too much power, the veto was an idea taken from the Romans. They also both had an increasing amount of unemployed citizen due to immigrants (U.S.) and slaves (Ancient Rome). Both of them also had more imports than outports, so money is being spent and the government is faced with an increasing debt. In Rome any law that seemed outstandingly unfair could be set aside, in the U.S. this is like a law being declared unconstitutional. Both had similarities in individual freedom, such as trial by jury, innocent until proven guilty, right of appeal, and many others.…show more content…
Rome was constantly at war, defending land, or conquering new land. While the U.S., for the last century has been either fighting a war, preparing for a war, of recovering from a war. World War 1 was from 1917-1918, World War 2 was from 1941-1945, The Cold War was from 1947-1991, The Korean War was from 1950-1953, The VIetnamese War was from 1953-1975, The Gulf War was from 1990-1991, the war in Afghanistan was from 2001-present, and the war in Iraq was from 2003-2011. Another thing I think took part in the decline of Rome and is taking part in the decline of the U.S. is the politicians who are in it for the money. They are not looking for the best for the government, but for the best for their personal wealth. This was a problem for Rome and would go on to be one of the reasons for the fall of

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