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Did you know that there is an entire field of psychology devoted to understanding near death experiences? Through near death experiences we can possibly gain a better understanding on reincarnation, and the afterlife. According to “Reincarnation is the belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form.”( to understand reincarnation one must first understand what an incarnation is. Also according to “The Incarnation, (sometimes lowercase) Theology the doctrine that the second person of the Trinity assumed human forms in the person of Jesus Christ and is completely both God and man.” ( There are many different definitions for Incarnation but…show more content…
Many people are skeptic to this kind of research because it takes an open mind and is hard to prove because we cannot produce empirical evidence proving it true or false. Doctor Ian Stevenson did not believe in using hypnosis and followed strict protocols when conducting an experiment (Scientific Proof of Reincarnation Dr.Ian Stevenson’s Life Work). Stevenson was so precise and devoted to this because this was his life’s work and he didn’t want to see it shot down because some of the evidence gathered was by means of inferior methods; he was scrupulous in his work. “Dr. Stevenson has devoted the last forty years to the scientific documentation of past life memories of children from all over the world. He has over 3000 cases in his files” (Scientific Proof of Reincarnation Dr.Ian Stevenson’s Life Work). Doctor Stevenson would travel all over the world to interview these young kids that had these remarkable memories of past lives. What seems most hard to determine was whether the children’s stories had truth to them or if they were purely a figment of the Childs imagination. If you’re wondering about how Stevenson was qualified to be conducting such complicated research he was renown in other fields of psychology before delving deep into supernatural psychology. An interview was conducted on Doctor Ian Stevenson shining light on his field; this was even before some of his most…show more content…
In 1985 questions were even raised about her existence in a special issue on reincarnation in a prominent weekly English journal of India. This dismayed me that someone would raise such doubts without conducting a proper study. In February 1986, I had gone to Delhi to meet Ian Stevenson, the leading expert in reincarnation research from the University of Virginia. Dr. Stevenson had already investigated her case, so I showed him the article. A few days later I met Shanti Devi and spent about an hour and half with her. Later, I interviewed many people connected with the case at Delhi, Mathura, and Jaipurand, including Shanti Devi’s relatives in this life and from her past life as Lugdi Bai. I also examined the books and articles published on Shanti Devi from time to time, besides several reports prepared on her by eminent scholars. This is her story, perhaps the most famous reincarnation case on record.” (Past life regression therapy, reincarnation research-The Case of Shanti Devi) In this case what’s most amazing is a family is reunited with someone who was dead yet Shanti is still united with her original family. This case takes a lot of faith, most do but it’s amazing a young girl can make claims of a place she’s never been and can tell stories of a family she never met and they check out to be true and accurate. “Lugdi’s brother told me that Shanti Devi, after seeing some women there, remembered

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