Saving Private Ryan Analysis

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Leaders consistently think and make the choice loaded with integrity. That is so rare a quality that people have no choice but to follow. Sometimes the choice is easy and sometimes it`s difficult. Many of us just react without thinking, but leaders do think. They make a very discerning, conscious choice, and then choose the best thing for all concerned. Leaders constantly think and make the choice that carries integrity. That is so rare a quality that people have no choice but to follow. Good leaders understand the mission. For Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan, the vision was to "get home." Home is a symbol of safety and security. Ninety-five men under his command had died, and he felt the pain of every death. Yet, he never abandoned the…show more content…
If finding Francis Ryan is the thing he needs to do to get back to his wife, then that’s his mission. Captain Miller`s mission, purpose, vision, or simply his intent was to bring everyone home including Corporal Francis Ryan. It was not a selfish intention. He gave up his life for a cause outside of himself. Captain Miller knew that he couldn`t risk his troops to save a little girl, also with the choice of executing a German captive or setting him free, he decides to release him, despite opposition from his team. A sniper`s bullet found one of his men because he lost his direction when his compassionate and emotional self-took over his sensible self. Another thing Miller did was never show fear as he led his men into the unknown. A leader cannot lead anyone to a place where he himself is afraid to travel. The trust that Miller`s men had in him was palatable. §A leader most know when you need to give the orders, Captain Miller analyses the situation quickly, identifies what needs to be done and gives the orders that make it

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