Dia De Los Muertos: Translating To Day Of The Dead

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As a child, I was never really taught why Halloween is celebrated in the United States. Being hispanic I was taught things about my culture, even though I grew up in the States. Halloween to my family, is know as the Dia De Los Muertos. Translating to Day of the Dead in English. It is not exactly the same as Halloween. For instance the dates are different, the activities done, and more importantly the symbolism behind it is very much different. I sometimes wonder how it would of been if my parents never taught me the tradition of the Day of Dead and just grew up experiencing the tradition of Halloween. I feel as if it was an honor to get to learn about a tradition like this. Many people in our culture do not even know what the name of the tradition translates too. For reasons like those, I feel like everyone should know these basic things about the Day of the Dead.…show more content…
As for the Day of the Dead it goes from November first to the second. This is done because it helps families honor their love one’s on a different day. The first being known as the Day of the Innocence, where you respect the children and infants that have passed. The second day respecting everyone else. Next, The activities done on the Day of the Dead do not include trick-or-treating. Some of the activities that go on are to go a mass session, make sugar skulls, and the biggest one is to bring offerings( mainly food) to the alter of the love one. The people who have had love one’s pass do this to show that the one’s who are alive still care for the one’s who are gone. Lastly, the biggest one is the meaning and symbolism behind the whole tradition. It’s not just to show respect, but also to let the one’s who have pass know that they still live on this Earth and are not forgotten

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