Lifeboat Earth Utilitarianism

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Would it be considered a wrongful act, if one were to kill to ease another’s pain? This is one of the situations written from Lifeboat Earth. In Lifeboat Earth by Onora Neil, talks about the correlation between justifiable killing, and if it is in reality, avoidable or not. In order to help make these two terms more comprehensible and relatable, Neil provides multiple examples of realistic lifeboat situations. One lifeboat is well-equipped and one other is under-equipped. I shall elaborate and reason how one under-equipped lifeboat situation is linked to utilitarianism and its subgroup, pleasure. “On an under-equipped lifeboat with six persons, water supply is so scare that only four can survive.” (Neil 278) When it comes to whom gets to…show more content…
If the forthcoming life of the person killed would hold more negative components than positive ones, more unhappiness, then the “killer” have a good reason for killing. “Whether they did so is not affected by their shooting rather than dehydrating the victims, but only by unavoidability of some deaths and the fairness of procedures for selecting victims.” (Neil 278) Not everyone can decide if a human's life contains, or is likely to contain, more positive characteristics than negative ones. One needs to think about the situation before on doing the act. Two of those persons that were dying from dehydration, no longer were capable of logical pursuits, is in constant pain, and must rely on others for all of their needs, it is an honorable choice to end the…show more content…
This was Jeremy Bentham’s take on utilitarianism. Taken from lecture, Bentham was a utilitarian, he believed that society should try to increase the overall amount of pleasure in the world. In relation to pleasure, the person to commit the act of killing of another in the lifeboat, is found to be immoral. According to the principles of pleasure, it is proven moral. The two people whom the act is being done to, is in withdrawal due the lack of water. In order to replace that suffering someone else needs to end that suffering to fulfill pleasure for the weaklings and the others around them that are still

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