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Sarah Bernhardt was a French actress. She's one of the most famous actresses ever known. She became known as a serious dramatic actress, earning the nickname "The Divine Sarah." Sarah Bernhardt was born in Paris, France in 1844. She was born with the name Rosine Bernardt. She later changed her name and added an "h" to her last name. When Sarah was young her mother sent her to Grandchamp, an Augustine convent school near Versailles. In 1860, she began attending the Conservatoire de Musique at Déclamation in Paris and then became a student at the Comédie Française, which was France's most famous theater. She didin't stay long because she slapped an actress. She left France and moved to Belgium. She had an affair with Henri, who was the Prince De Ligne, and gave birth to their son Maurice. Although the Prince proposed, his family didin't want it and made them end their relationship. Later on, she lived the life of Courtesan which her mother taught her and her sisters. She went back to the theater, securing a contract at the Théâtre de L’Odéon where she began performing in 1866. Her most famous performance there was her performance…show more content…
along with her acting career, In 1870, in the midst of the War, Bernhardt organized a military hospital in the Odéon, and by the1870s, when the war was over, she resumed acting and had reached the heights of her acting career. "In 1880, Sarah Bernhardt took her own traveling company on a worldwide tour that included the far reaches of Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States, becoming an international star along the way"( After that, Bernhardt began acting in silent films and regular films, appearing in some of the earliest motion pictures, such as versions of Hamlet (1900, as Hamlet) and La Tosca (1908). Also, "In 1891 Bernhardt embarked on a lucrative world tour. In June, 1892 she was in London rehearsing Oscar Wilde’s Salomé, written especially for her in French"(Shapira,

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