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House on Mango Street Paper In Sandra Cisneros’s book House on Mango Street, she raises the issue of people having a responsibility to where they came from. I believe this vignette means that you should never forget where you came from because you owe that place something. Without the first place you lived or your first neighbors or your parents, you may never have been able to leave or may never have made a life for yourself. In the text she shows this as owing those who helped you. In my opinion, Cisneros expresses through text the need to come back for those who are important to you, she also expresses the need to come back to visit where you came from; these things relate directly to my life. The responsibility you have to your roots…show more content…
“When you leave you must always remember to come back for the others” (105). I think that by “come back for the others,” Cisneros means that you should give whatever place “the others” are at a special importance. I think she means to either physically visit those people or just make sure you never forget them. To me, Colorado holds the best example of this. There are many of my friends and relatives who live in Colorado who have changed my life and these people hold special importance to me. I visit Colorado very often to visit my relatives and family members, In this way, this quote relates directly to my life.Near the end of the first two quotes, Cisneros writes: “A circle, understand?” (105). I think she means that wherever you start your life, it leads to the next part of your life and so on until it eventually leads back to the start. I think what she is saying is that your life's timeline is not straight; it ends where it begins, just as a circle ends where it begins. This has relevance to my life because each part of my life has led to the next. Each state I lived in led to me living in the next and many parts of my life have been influenced in this way. I started in San Diego and I have lived other places as well, but I circled back to San Diego in the

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