Lars And The Real Girl Essay

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The Conflict of a Brother Lars and the Real Girl is one of the weirdest, and most emotional movies that Ryan Gosling has ever made. This movie demonstrates a great interpretation of how a community comes together to help a man with a psychological problem. Lars and the Real Girl is a story based on a lonely man by the name of Lars. Lars is an ordinary man with an ordinary life. Lars lives in a house next to his brother and sister-in-law Gus and Karin. Lars’ life changes when he has a psychological break down, and believes that the life-size doll he order online is real. Lars names the doll Bianca. As the movie goes on, Lars has a very serious relationship with Bianca and proposes to her about halfway through the movie. When the movie comes…show more content…
This is the point in which Gus’ whole personality changes. Gus begins to develop self-guilt. Tangey, Stuewig, and Youman propose “People feeling guilt often ruminate over the misdeed, feeling the pain of remorse and regret” (193). Gus fits this description because it is talking about how someone who is thinking very deeply about what they have done. Gus reflects on the decision that he has made a long time ago. The decision he reflects on is where he left Lars to live with their depressed father, alone. This is the point in which his personality changes. Gus goes from being happy, to feeling guilty. There is a scene in the movie where Gus is tearing up because he thinks the reason why Lars has this break down is because it is his fault. Gus is battling with a psychological problem of guilt. Feeling by doing this, Gus puts himself in danger of ending up like his father. Gus can say it is his fault, but it is not his responsibility to take the guilt for Lars decision to date the doll. Gus might also be feeling guilty because he had to get a doctor to help Lars; instead of helping Lars himself. Guilt sometimes comes from not being able to do anything for a loved one. Gus is feeling hopeless because his brother is sick and he cannot do anything to fix it. Gus’ guilt is sad to see, but he gets over it and begins his own recovery towards the end of the

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