Personal Narrative: The Scary Delivery

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"The Scary Delivery." I was woken up by a sudden urge to pee. I jumped up and ran to my bathroom. Which, seemed miles away and got the sweet release my bladder was asking for, Or so I thought. The pain was paralyzing. All around me, I could hear nothing but feel everything. My brain had trouble processing it all. I felt blinded by the sudden overload of emotions and lost in the just of my reality. Then, suddenly my voice started to work, and everything was suddenly normal. Well as normal as it could possibly be. I was in labor. There wasn't any time to put on clothes as I knew I had to act swiftly. So, half-naked and in pajamas, I force myself into the living room "jay "I yell, as I watch my husband scared morning face as he says "what "in a somewhat aggravated tone "it's time "I yelled across the room as I start to feel anxious and light headed. I couldn't…show more content…
The nurse came and put meds in my iv to induce me and get things moving. I had to go to the bathroom. She made me use a bed pan instead. Really embarrassing. Hours go by and now its 7 pm and its pushing time. I was so ready to push, but I started to feel something wasn't right. Halfway through pushing my baby came half way out and decided he wanted to go back in and get stuck. Through the whole process, I knew that something wasn't right. I began to go in and out of consciousness, each time I woke I had an oxygen mask on my face. I was scared out of my mind. All I could think to say was "don't save me save the baby "I know that's horrible, but it was all I could think at the time. Finally, the head nurse came in and cut me so that he could get unstuck. I was so relieved and exhausted. I passed out, but this time I thought I died. When I finally came too, I heard a voice say, "your alive, he is alive and beautiful.". April 12015 was one of the worst but best days of my life, And my life was never the

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