Russia Vs Mongol Essay

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With beginnings in the 13th century, Yuan China experiences Mongol rule by the Great Khanate and at the same time, the geographic location of modern-day Russia experiences Mongol rule under the Golden Horde. Despite this, the way that these territories are ruled is vastly different and China is ruled directly by the Mongols while Russia is ruled indirectly and keeps their pre-Mongol political system. One way the unique political natures of both time spans of these rules can be seen is through the rulers in these areas; the direct rulers in China are Mongols, while in Russia, independent princes are allowed to keep direct rulership. Although politically different, the rule of the Mongols has a similar positive economic effect on Russia and China.…show more content…
The Mongols, led by Kublai Khan, defeat China's imperial armies around 1271 C.E. Immediately after, the Mongols take direct control over China, which borders the south side of Mongolia. The Mongols enforce their rule in a variety of ways, including the riddance of the civil service exam. The civil service exam was previously a necessary step to becoming a government official and even after the rule of the Mongols, when the civil service exam is legal again, it is no longer used, changing a significant aspect of Chinese government. Slightly before China’s defeat and reform by the hands of the Mongols, Russia is defeated in the 1240s by Batu Khan. However. unlike the Mongols’ rule of China, Russia remains essentially the same politically. The Mongols allows Russia to continue the pre-existing political system of regional princes and Russia is ruled indirectly by the Mongols. Russia is also allowed to continue practicing Christianity and politically, very little changes for the Russians. The juxtaposition between the Mongol political rule of China and Russia is apparent and as a result, China is politically impacted much more by Mongol rule than

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