Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle

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In The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, Mowgli returns and new characters struggle to survive on their lands. First, Mowgli explores the jungle to find a white cobra that the villagers are hunting down for money. Mowgli thinking that the villagers want the snake killed, He finds and kills it, but he is shamed again because the people want the snake alive. Second, the narrator sings a song about his childhood friend who is killed by a snake. Third, an Inuit brother and sister from Greenland hunt for food to give to their tribe. After days of searching, they begin to hallucinate about a spiritual animal who is named Quiquern. They die from starvation. Fourth, the narrator sings a song about an Inuit hunter returns to his tribe with food,…show more content…
First, the story does not have only one central plot. The whole novel has a grand total of sixteen subplots. Five out of the sixteen subplots are about The dynamic character Mowgli. The overall outcome of Mowgli's complicated plot slowly changes his characteristics and views of life in general. Before he finally becomes a mature adult wanting to be part of a Indian civilization, he is a boy living in the jungle with no connection with humanity. The other six of the sixteen subplots ultimately give the alternate outcomes Mowgli's troubling situations. For example, Mowgli easily kills a white snake in one subplot, and a snake quickly kills a young hunter in a completely different subplot. Second, the three conflicts of the novel are man versus nature, man versus society, and man versus self. Man versus animals conflict happens when the young hunter tries to kill a snake. Mowgli goes through man versus society conflict when the villagers accuse him of witchcraft and when he tries to impress the citizens with a dead white cobra. Also, Mowgli faces man versus self when he asks himself whether he stay in the jungle or become part of a community. To sum it up, Mowgli and other characters learn from the plot and

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