Elodea Research Paper

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The Elodea was already located in a container of water. First, add 150 mL of dilute H2O to a beaker. Use a straw to add carbon dioxide to the dilute H20 by breathing bubbles approximately for one minute. Blowing the bubbles will make sure that each beaker is even with the same amount of CO2. Using 3 different beakers, separate the 150 mL with dilute H20 into 50 mL per beaker. Label each beaker: Elodea Black Light, Elodea Light, No Elodea. Grab the 2 pieces of Elodea from the container using forceps, which should weigh 1.5 to 2 grams. Dry the plant off with excess water (including the biggest drops) with a paper towel before being weighed on the scale. After drying the Elodea, place one piece of Elodea into the Elodea Black Light beaker and

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