Roselyn Gates: A Short Story

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In an attempt to create opportunity, 25 year old Roselyn Gates moved her family from her homeland Saint Christopher to the neighboring island of Saint Maarten. Even thought she was terrified, this is where she acquired knowledge. Education on any level opens options and creates more opportunity which can empower your life. Just like the famous activist Malcom X said, “Many who today hear me somewhere in person...will think I went to school far beyond the eighth grade” (225). Many who heard of her would think she went to a business accredited college. This impression was from experience, self-discipline and developing self-motivation and dedication. She detested her employers and quickly realized that being an employee was not written in her stars. She dreamed of having a house and a car to take her family around. She thought to herself, “there is a strong possibility that my children might follow in my footsteps if I do not change my stars. This is not my vision; this will not be their reality.”…show more content…
She grew tired of living a life that was not fulfilling to her, but rather her employers. This strong desire fell on the ears of the universe, as she got a lucky break by an elderly store owner by the name Jimmy who she regularly passed on her commute to and from work. Jimmy offered Roselyn the opportunity to work in his “fine Caribbean establishment” which was far from looking fine, but the additional funds could further her dream of a better life. She received a first row seat to business and decision making working with Jimmy. It was not the traditional way of doing business, but to her surprise it

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