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During the classical era of Athens and Rome, both societies had different systems and strict ways on determining who could have citizenship to their empire. Even though both of these societies gave power to the people, Rome had elected officials represent them. While contrasting Rome, Athens had a random selection to choose who represented them. Citizenship was also a matter of discussion between Rome and Athens, while Romans were lenient toward whom they honored citizenship to, Athens had higher expectations for who they wanted to be citizens of their societies. Through these similarities and differences the Roman was the most victorious society because their civilization had a more organized and stricter society where they were able to control their surroundings and keep their citizens pleased. A difference in the societies was the way the societies…show more content…
In Athens the representative was chosen by a random selection. The town would gather and various names would be picked to determine the temporary representative of the government to make an Assembly. This Assembly was up to 40,000 people. This Assembly would be this voice of the community but the community would vote on every law to make it official. In Rome they elected their official based on social status and wealth. There would be a Senate and it would only be up to 300 members. Also only the wealthy consuls made the law at opposed to every citizen. For example the Centuriate Assembly, it was a popular assembly organized by classes based on wealth, it was structured in a way that the wealthiest citizens had the majority. Rome was much better in this instance because they had an organized government at oppose to Athens that was very messy and risky. Rome had educated leaders supporting it that had experience and knew what was best for civilization. At opposed to just anyone that’s name came out of the

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