Nausikaa In The Odyssey

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Odysseus survived his journey across the sea, and finds himself on the land of Skhería. He eventually finds a place to rest and sleeps until he is awoken by the sound of young girls nearby. A naked Odysseus, covered only by an olive branch approaches the girls. Upon seeing the brine-encrusted, dirty Odysseus, Nausikaa’s maids fled, but Nausikaa remained, standing her ground. Odysseus debated on how to approach Nausikaa and ultimately decided to use words rather than a physical gesture of touching her knees. His words, compliments, and images persuaded her to stay and assist the stranded, wild-looking man. Desperate Odysseus portrays himself as a humble, non-threatening man while confronting Nausikaa. Odysseus stands in front of Nausikaa asking for her…show more content…
Any young girl loves to hear compliments, and compliments from a man such as Odysseus would make any girl want to help him. Odysseus compares Nausikaa to a goddess, saying, “Mistress: please: are you divine, or mortal? If one of those who dwell in the wide heaven, you are most near to Artemis, I should say—great Zeus’s daughter—in your grace and presence” (161-164). This comparison is not only a comparison of Nausikaa to a goddess but it is a comparison of her to the daughter of Zeus, the king of the gods. It also presents Odysseus as a man who worships the gods, which means he is probably not a wild-man living in the woods. He mentions Nausikaa’s beauty while asking for her assistance. Flattery such as “Never have I laid eyes on equal beauty in man or woman” a sure way to convince a young girl to assist you (172). After being compared to a goddess and told how beautiful she is, Nausikaa is willing to hear what else Odysseus has to say because he has presented himself as more than a homeless man living in the woods. This gives him the opportunity to explain how he arrived at

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