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Remus and Romulus, twin sons of Mars, the god of war, founded Rome. Placed on the Tiber in a basked to drown they were rescued by a she-wolf. A king of nearby Alba Longa was defeated by the brothers, which founded their own city on the riverbanks. Romulus murdered his brother and became the first king of Rome. In the Latin Plain of Central Italy, Rome a single city-state grew to develop into an empire ruling the entire Mediterranean coastal region. The Roman government can be divided into two periods the Roman Republic from 507 BCE to 31 BCE and the Roman Empire 31 BCE to 476 CE. The Roman Republic consisted of two main movements. First, the Constitution of the Roman Republic was principles passed down through precedents and the unwritten…show more content…
The population of was divided into two classes the patricians, the wealthy and powerful aristocrats, and the plebeians consisting of the lower class. Two consuls, elected by the Senate, ruled the Roman Republic held the highest positions in the government. The first step in fall of the Roman Republic began with Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus and their exploitation of the plebeian tribune ship to seize power in Rome. Attempts to force the senate and magistrates to focus on their own political agenda by vetoing all other public activity. They attempted to reestablish order to the military by regaining public land and placing landless poor citizens on that land. Both men were eventually…show more content…
Augustus was adopted by Caesar to secure a position for his heir. After Caesar assassination, Augustus enlisted the help of Mark Antony to avenge his father’s death. The alliance with Antony, who was successful and ambitious, defeated enemies in Rome and the survivors fled to Greece. Antony would rule Egypt and Augustus reigned over Rome. Cleopatra, Egypt’s queen developed a relationship with Antony thus disintegrating the alliance with Augustus. The Battle of Actium, off the western cost of Greece, Roman leader Augustus wins an important victory against Roman Mark Antony and Cleopatra.1 Following this victory the Senate gives Octavian the name of Augustus, which means most high. In the textbook The End of Ancient Rome, Don Nardo notes, “Though he never personally used the title of emperor, Augustus was in the fact first ruler of the political unit that became know as the Roman

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