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The Roman Colosseum The Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre is located in Rome, Italy and is one of the most important symbol of the city. The Colosseum was Built in the first century CE under the Roman Emperor Vespasian. Vespasian built The Colosseum because he wanted to get the trust of the Roman people so he decided to build an amphitheater and provide them public entertainment. The Colosseum was paid by the taxes of all the Romans. The arena was used to host public entertainment events such as, public executions, wild animal hunts and gladiator fights There was a malicious emperor in Rome named Nero Between 54 A.D. and 68 A.D. This emperor used the people money for himself. Nero was so bad that he was hated by all the government and the people of Rome. He murdered most of his family and lost all the…show more content…
The purpose of the Colosseum was to provide entertainment to the people of Rome, they provide Entertainment shows including combats and Figths between Gladiator and wild animals. In addition to gladiator combats and animals fights, other forms of entertainment were mock naval battles and hunts. The Colosseum is The biggest build of the Roman Empire, The Colosseum is an oval form, the area covered 6 acres and it has a capacity of 80,000 spectators. The Dimension Height is 50 meters and Length is 189 meters, The outer circumference measures 545 meters. The Colosseum was principally built from locally quarried limestone with internal linking lateral walls of brick, concrete and volcanic stone. Vaults were built of lighter pumice stone. The sheer size of the theatre was the possible origin of the popular name of Colosseo, however, a more likely origin may have been as a reference to the colossal gilded bronze statue of Nero which was converted to resemble the sun-god and which stood outside the theatre until the 4th century

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