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The Colosseum has stood for about 2,000 years becoming one of the most visited landmarks not only in Italy but in the world (Rome). Just like in the beginning this amphitheater called the attention of crowds it still does to this day (Amphitheater). The Roman Colosseum was designed with the newest Roman arts, architecture, engineering, and other innovative ideas (Ancient Rome). The latest inventions allowed for this architectural structure to be created quickly, efficiently, and with a great outcome (Rome). The Colosseum was built with the best artistic standards and in the highest skilled manner there was at the time of the creation (Colosseum). Also the Colosseum was designed from the Greek architectures which were the newer structures such…show more content…
The Colosseum vast area made of six acres allowed it to have the Hypogeum in which it housed animals, stage props, and the slaves that worked at the place (Colosseum). The Hypogeum was made of two levels of shafts, rooms, tunnels, mechanicals devices, thirty two animal pens, and passages under the Roman Colosseum (Superposed Order). The shafts, made out of ropes and pulleys, were connected to the arena since they needed easy access to change their scenarios quickly, bring out animals, gladiators, and at times convicts (Superposed Order). The passages which were tunnels led to other buildings that were located outside of the Colosseum (Colosseum). The animal pens were a house for all the different type of animals who were used for all the contests and shows they had for the day (Colosseum). The Hypogeum was not the best place to be since the atmosphere and smell under there was horrible (Superposed Order). In the Hypogeum you could hear the shouts of the crowds in the Colosseum, the noise of the animals, and screams of agony from the executions and tortures in the arena (Superposed Order). The nasty smell in the Hypogeum was due to the excrement of the animals and the stench of blood and death created by the people and animals killed or tortured(Superposed Order). This huge structure was a gift from the Flavian

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