Rolf Carle's Short Stories

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Hero Out of Nowhere What actions would it take to earn the title of a hero? Actions like bravery, strength, quick thinking, and kindness. Just merely staying by someone's side can be classified as a heroic action. In “And of Clay Are We Created” written by Isabel Allende, who writes about a reporter Rolf Carlé, who proves himself a hero by keeping Azucena mentally stable. In “102 Minutes” written by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn, a character named Chuck Serika perseveres through his past and his current state to save two victims trapped under the rubble of the Twin Towers. Both Rolf Carlé and Chuck Sereika are heroes, they did not overlook anyone and they made the correct choices no matter what they previously been through. Both of these short stories…show more content…
Although Carle did not have any intentions to stay with a girl for three days, his own history brought him to become a hero to this little girl. Rolf Carle was with a trapped girl named Azucena, and although he could not help her, he did not ignore the situation. Rolf stood by Azucena and comforted her. While Carle comforts Azucena, he also remembers his own dark childhood, and this plays a role in Carle’s efforts to save Azucena. Rolf Carlé tells Azucena, “‘Don't be afraid,’ Rolf begged. ‘You have to keep your strength up and be calm. Everything will be fine. I'm with you, and I'll get you out somehow’” (Allende 536). This shows of some of the heroic characteristics Rolf Carle has, like his determination to stay with someone no matter the condition. Rolf is strong as well, not with brute force, but with the strength to stay with Azucena. Rolf did everything in his power to keep this girl alive

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