Robot Chemist Case Study

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Introduction With the invention of the “Robot Chemist” by Harns Baruch, automated analysers came into the biomedical arena. This has been evolved since 1959 and now has improved a lot in many aspects including the ways of inserting the samples into the analyzer. Automatic analyzer facilitates the analysis of more than one bio chemical sample at a time and also it can be programmed such that several tests can be done concurrently. This feature saves a lot of time while being accurate as well. Human error is minimized to a greater extent with the introduction of automation. The work of the user has become very simple since the operator only has to load the samples to the sample carousel properly and then enter the data to the software programme…show more content…
This is called “pump prime”. There are distilled water bottles located at the bottom of the analyser and once the command is entered from the keyboard to perform the wash, the analyser will automatically wash each probe used to take the samples and the reagents. The internal parts are also

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