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My paper will compare and contrast the scenes in the 1951 film and the novel, Ivanhoe, of the same name. I will discuss the “How Ivanhoe Procured his Armor” scene and the “Tournament at Ashby” scene. Then, I will write why I think the novel Ivanhoe has been so popular for 200 plus years. Next, I will write if I like or dislike the movie and novel Ivanhoe. Finally I will give a bibliography of all my research. These are the similarities of the novel and the motion picture of Ivanhoe of the scene on how Ivanhoe procures his armor and horse for the tournament. All the knights from England were trying to get to Ashby for the great Tournament in both the novel and film. Ivanhoe also ends up going to the tournament because of Isaac’s help. He procures…show more content…
The men tried to take Isaac’s purse full of money. During the attack the only way for Ivanhoe to know that he was under attack was for Isaac to yelp like a dog. Ivanhoe brings Isaac to his home, however, in the novel he lives in York and in the movie he lives in the town of Sheffield. Ivanhoe asks for money to save King Richard, armor, and a horse to compete in the tournament in the motion picture. In the book, Isaac offers the money for the armor and horse for the tournament. Also, in the movie Rebecca gave her mother’s jewels to Ivanhoe to repay Ivanhoe for the saving Isaac’s life. Ivanhoe uses the jewels to pay for the armor and a horse. Isaac gave Ivanhoe a letter to pay for the armor and a horse in the novel. Those are the differences of Ivanhoe on how Ivanhoe procures his armor and horse for the tournament at…show more content…
It also gave great explanations of how the characters looked to the author. I liked the adjectives that the author used. He described everything very well. Another part I liked is that the whole novel takes place in the medieval times. I admired the way Athelstane died and had his mysterious resurrection. The storyline about the monks trying to kill him by burying him alive to steal his inheritance was another reason why I liked it. I also admired how King Richard showed his face only to scare Bois Guilbert. I did not like the movie as much as the novel. I did not like the motion picture because it did not follow the storyline enough to give the detail in the novel that I liked. The film took a lot of important details that helped the storyline that I also liked. It missed a lot of my favorite scenes. I did not like how the story opened. I thought that was weird that Ivanhoe had to look for King Richard when in the novel he already knew where he was. I also did not like how Ivanhoe lost the tournament at Ashby in the movie instead of just getting injured in the

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