Rhetorical Analysis: You Run Like A Girl

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You Run Like A Girl “Show me what it looks like to run like a girl.” What did you just picture when you read this statement? Along with the majority of post-pubescent Americans, I am going to guess you pictured a horribly inept running form, complete with flapping arms and utter lack of breath. However, you are not the only one who pictured this, and it certainly is not your fault. In the 2015 Super Bowl commercial “Like A Girl” presented by Procter & Gamble, the use of ethos, logos, and pathos are employed to spark persuasiveness of sexism and the negative connotation of the words “like a girl” in the viewers. Procter & Gamble may not be a common household name, but whether you know it or not, you probably own a variety of their…show more content…
However, the audience intended for this commercial is not just women. This is proven in the fact that it was aired during the Super Bowl, therefore subject to 120.8 million viewers (CNN) of both genders. The audience that this company intended to reach was a wide stretch- from women the company desired to buy products, to men in the hope they would also buy products, and to children and adolescents whose minds are currently sculpting their own perception of stereotypes and gender roles. The variety of product that this company offers allows for this commercial to be meant to address a majority of the nation’s population. This Ad opens up in a set with multiple cameras facing a white screen. From there a woman walks on set, and the producer says to her, “Show me what it looks like to run like a girl.” The young woman flaps her arms and runs in place with a lack of any form or athletic ability. The screen then flashes to another woman doing the same motions and carries on with multiple different people, including males, each with the same horrible running form and apparent weakness. The

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