Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mckson

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MCKESSON – A BETTER WAY OF PRACTICE McKesson Corporation is a global pharmaceutical and marketing brand which is also known for its provision of healthcare information technology tools, medical supplies and care management tools. Initially, they were into pharmaceutics and made many advancements like bar-code scanning for distribution of drugs, pharmacy robotics, RFID (Radio frequency identification) tags which made companies to track the drug delivery, securing data easier and quicker. Some of the health management tools which are in practice in many hospitals and private practices are McKesson practice choice, Lytec MD, Medisoft clinical, Practice Partner, Inte Great EHR, McKesson practice complete. Advantages in using these soft wares…show more content…
Recently McKesson has updated from Horizon to Paragon health information system is a fully integrated clinical and financial tool which reduced the complexity of operational and administrative needs and even reduced costs. But there are few negatives when compared with EPIC in providing integrated ambulatory services and clinical functionality. It would be beneficial for community hospitals to adopt Paragon because of its affordable price and improve their health information exchange systems with the other community hospitals. Based on the regulations of HITECH ACT, 2009, hospitals with basic inpatient and outpatient services implementing electronic health records and cooperating health information exchange are eligible for incentive payment by government and McKesson offers various programs which helps to boost their chances in gaining incentives. These soft wares are highly scalable implies can be assessable to critical access hospitals to large hospital and is Microsoft, windows based program, very easy to use and all the data is stored in single database with a secure encryption which eliminates the chances for

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