Rhetorical Analysis Of Address To The Nation

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In “Address to the Nation”, a speech released by President Barack Obama on December 6th of 2015, Obama discusses the ubiquitous issue of terrorism, specifically referring to ISIL. An analysis of the first section of this speech uncovered the anomaly of a tragedy depicting 14 American soldiers who were killed in the hands of a terror organization formally known as ISIL. As the president advances in his national address, he elucidates all aspects of terrorism in this tragedy, but also details pertaining to the broader threat of terrorism for our nation as a whole. When his central point is evaluated from a political viewpoint, in contrast, he directly addresses congress indicating his action plan for terrorism in response to both this tragedy and the untenable idealism of terrorism in our nation. As his address propels, he transitions into addressing the nation by emphasizing the importunateness of rooting out the misguided ideology that leads to a rationalization about the Muslim community. He appeals to the emotional condition of his audience by declaring, “…it is the responsibility of every American – of every faith – to reject discrimination” (3), thus broadening his argument and effectively building a foundation of applicability for his audience. In this literary evaluation of the…show more content…
A prime example of this is when President Obama says “Our military and counterterrorism professionals have relentlessly pursued terrorist networks overseas – disrupting safe havens in several different countries, killing Osama bin Laden, and decimating al Qaeda’s leadership” (1). By the addition of the last part after the hyphen, this redefines how the audience views the relentless pursuit by conveying how effective the relentless pursuit actually was, thus building equity and credibility toward the speaker and, in this circumstance, the United
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